Green Team

Green Team

Third Grade Green Team

Our Mission Statement

Dingeman students are globally conscieous citizens who care not only about the health of their school, but for the health of their planet as well.

We are willing as a school community to take actions such as daily recycling and Terracycling to decrease the amnt of waste going to our landfill. We are experimenting with composting, aquaponics, and gardening to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We realize our actions have an impact on our environment and that we can problem solve ways to put into practice more sustainable habits.

Dingeman students believe that Kids Can Make a Difference and are willing to educate and guide others to help our world become a better place.

This is why Dingeman CARES!

Human Footprint

Problem: Over 500 million plastic water bottles are thrown away in our landfills daily.
Solution: Recycle your water bottles or better yet, use a reusable bottle. Be conscious of how much waste you make.

Problem: Average Americans produce 4 1/2 lbs. of waste every day.
Solution: Anything that can be recycled can be placed in recyclable containers. Be conscious of how much waste you make.

Problem: Americans throw away 694 plastic bottles of food, cleaning supplies and cooking containers a second.
Solution: ALL of these containers can be recycled. So Do It!!! Be conscious of how much waste you make.

Since 2011, Dingeman Elementary has reduced their trash reduction 50% and has more than doubled their recycled materials. Upon entering our campus, the students are aware of their commitment to waste reduction. This is demonstrated by their actions and physical environment of our school. The only way into our campus is under the sign that states you are entering THE GREEN ZONE, a place where kids can make a difference.

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