Dingeman Bylaws

San Diego Unified School District
Dingeman Elementary School
Adopted October 2011
Governance Team Bylaws
Article I: Name

The name of the Team shall be the Dingeman Elementary School Governance Team.

Article II: Member Composition

Representation on the Team shall consist of the following:

  • Principal

  • 50% SDEA Unit Members (Including Site Representative)

  • 35% Parents/Community Members (Including at least 3 parents)

  • 15% Other (including CSEA Representative)

The Principal shall not be included within the percentage of representation for the other constituency groups. The Team shall strive to achieve diversity amongst its members, reflective of the student population.

Article III: Term of Office and Election of Members
The term of office will be two (2) school years; although a member may serve for 3 years if it is determined by the Team to be beneficial or necessary. At the expiration of a Member's term, the Team will alert staff, parents and community members of the vacancy, and candidates may volunteer to fill the position. New members shall be selected by the remaining Team members; or, in the alternative, the Principal may choose new members from the volunteer list, and Team members may approve or disapprove of such selection.
A member may be terminated from holding his or her position following three (3) absences from Team meetings within in a single one-year term.

Article IV: Chairperson and Secretary

The chairperson and secretary will be selected by consensus, and the chairperson will also serve as the School Site Committee chairperson. The chairperson's duties may include the following duties:

  • Open meetings

  • Guide Team in reaching a consensus, decision making, and conflict resolution

  • Guide Team through agenda

The secretary will take minutes of meetings and arrange for distribution. The member acting as secretary may change from time to time throughout a single term, as needed.

Article V: Meetings

Meetings will be held monthly upon a day and time decided upon at the first meeting of the school year and designated in the Minutes, and will last no more than ninety (90) minutes. Meetings may be added or deleted as needed and agreed upon by the Team.

Article VI: Voting

Each member is an equal voting member of the Team. A member may request an alternate to submit his or her vote at a meeting. A quorum needed in order for the Team to be able to transact business shall be a majority (51%) of the members of the committee. Accordingly, at least 50% plus one of all members must be present or the meeting must be canceled and rescheduled.

Issues voted upon require the support of at least a majority (50% plus one) of Team members in order for Motions (i.e. decisions) to be passed by the Team.
Article VII: Communication Outside of the Team

Members will make efforts to communicate to parents, teachers, staff, and community members the issues raised and decisions passed during Team meetings via such measures as: staff meetings, grade level meetings, information boards in the office and/or teachers' lounge; e-mail, and/or newsletters.

Meetings will be open, and all parents and staff may attend Team meetings. Notice shall be given prior to such meetings in a manner deemed appropriate by the Principal and Team.

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